Leadership Team

Central Coordinating Entity

The MoFEP through the PSIPMU will be the Project’s main coordinating body. The FA/GA require that the PSIPMU is maintained throughout the life of the Project for the purposes of: (a) processing documentation required for disbursement of the funds; (b) procuring goods, works and services under the Project; and (c) preparing and maintaining records, accounts and financial statements referred to in the FA/GA; (d) coordinating and implementing the Project; and (e) monitoring and evaluation of the Project.  

Project Management

Project Coordinator

Procurement/Contract Management Specialist

Project Officers

Financial Management Specialist

Procurement Assistant

Project Engineer

Environmental Safeguards Specialist

Social Safeguards Specialist

Communications Officer

M&E Specialist

Account Clerks

Participating Agencies

The participating ministries are: MoFEP MoNS/NEMO, MoNM, CWSA, MoA and the MoTW/BRAGSA. Representatives from each of the participating line ministries have been identified to serve as focal points to the project.   

Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Information Technology                                                       
Focal Point                                                                         
Director of Economic Planning 
Ministry of Transport and Works, Lands, and Physical Planning /Roads, Bridges, and General Services Authority                                                     
Focal Point                                                                         
Permanent Secretary (PS)/ Chief Engineer/CEO BRAGSA  
Minister of National Security                           
Focal Point
PS/ Director of NEMO

Minister of National Mobilisation, Social Development, Family, Gender, Youth, Housing, and Informal Human Settlement              

Focal Point
PS/ Director of Social Development

Central Water and Sewerage Authority               

Focal Point
General Manager

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour               

Focal Point
PS/ Chief Agricultural Officer 

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Director of Economic Planning (Chair)

Deputy Director of Planning

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture etc.

Permanent Secretary, National Security

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Mobilization etc.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport etc.

Town Planner- Physical Planning Unit


General Manager, CWSA

Director, NEMO 

Senior Project Officer, Economic Planning Division

Project Coordinator (Secretary)